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Benefits of becoming a member of CAM BDA:


*  Increased credibility by belonging to a professional organization in Bermuda.

​​* Referrals from doctors, healthcare workers and others recent research in GP Magazine showed that over    70% of doctors would like to be able to refer many of their patients to complementary medical       practitioners.

* Recognition by the community and medical professionals  et al.

* Your professional details will be included on our website.

* Ensuring congruence in the professional standards of the association.

* Access to support circles for CAM BDA practitioners, sharing standards and qualities of practice.


​​*The opportunity to contribute to The CAM BDA Facebook Page. 


CAM BDA requires our members to undertake ongoing personal and professional development and we can assist you in doing this.

Get the professional recognition you deserve by joining now!

Once all forms are completed, you can email in your documentation.

Once you are vetted a membership fee of $55.00 will be required. 

A response will be sent to you in 10 business days of applying. Upon approval, you will receive a membership certificate.

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